Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Clone Wars News

Well, I can't believe I didn't notice this before, but there's a Teletoon Clone Wars preview that has already been on the internet for TWO WEEKS! How was this not discovered before yesterday?

A lot of it has already been seen before, but there's a new shot of the creepy shark person, a strange new planet with a wierd aztec head, and new footage of the Dooku vs Anakin fight.

Why is it always Anakin that gets captured and electrocuted? I feel sorry for him.

Also, there is a new chapter of Web of Lies up, if anyone is interested in reading. I also have a short one-shot up. It's about Anakin and Ahsoka meeting seven years before the Clone Wars. Its called Meeting by Chance. 

I can't wait for Season 4!



  1. Loved the new story girl! ;)

    And OMG THE NEW TRAILERS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!! :D I love the TeleToon one, I hadn't seen that before you posted it! LOL!

  2. (Starwarsartist) (I'm commenting anonymous because it wont let me comment otherwise.)

    Thanks, JC!

    I found it incredibly strange that no one had seen that preveiw until yesterday.

  3. I bet the next season will be awesome! I am always a season or 2 behind because of my lack of cable (which I frequently complain about) but keep me updated as long as you remove spoilers ;).
    Thanks for the cool previews! They are AWESOMELY AWESOME!
    P.S. It's Futurejedigirl0202 from TLH. If you have time I wouldn't mind if you stopped by my blog,
    May the Force be with you!

  4. (Starwarsartist)

    Sophia, you can always catch up with the Clone Wars episodes online. There is a site called Master Toons that has nearly every episode.

    Also, I probably will post spoilers for Season 4, but I'll warn you if I do, ok?


  5. Hey! It's Star Wars Girl! Nice blog!

    I also find it strange that Anakin is always getting electrocuted, but when his mechanical hand got stuck to the ceiling in The Citadel? I couldn't help but laugh. :)

  6. (Starwarsartist)

    LOL I laughed as well! Seriously, when a Jedi Knight gets pulled to the ceiling by his robotic arm, I think it's OK to laugh. Dispite the fact that he gets electrocuted. :D

  7. Thanks! I'll check that out.

  8. Heyy starwars artist :) I found the link for this at so hi!
    I LOVED the part in the citadel when Anakin got stuck on the celing LOL XD

  9. awwww poor Ani, I'm scared for him. *hugs Anakin super tight*