Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My Halloween Costume

Since my latest obsession is Star Wars, I decided that I'm going to go trick-or-treating as a Jedi this year. My mom didn't want to spend 50 dollars on a store-bought costume, so we made one!

It was made from some old fabric my mom had laying around, and I'm using my brother's lightsaber. Not bad, eh?


Friday, 21 October 2011

Happy Birthday Little Sister!

It's my little sister, who I have nicknamed 'Kamikaze''s birthday today! I seriously cannot believe she's four now! (Partly because it seems like she was born yesterday, but mostly because she acts like a ten year old. ;)

Me and my clone. ;) Apparently I looked exactly like that when I was that age.

So, happy birthday Kamikaze- according to her, this is the best birthday ever! ;)

Don't let her cuteness fool you. ;)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Darth Maul lives!

Today, Lucasfilm has revealed a very large piece of information: Darth Maul, who was cut in half in The Phantom Menace, is in fact, alive.

Articles can be found HERE and HERE.

In Season 3 of Star Wars: the Clone Wars, Savage Opress, a zabrack trained in the dark side, was introduced as the brother of Maul. The Nightsister Mother Talzin, sent him on a journey to find his brother, who was supposedly dead.

Obviously not.

Until today, it had not been confirmed that Maul would be returning. Many suspected, of course, after seeing the face of Maul in Talzin's crystal ball, but the Clone Wars team had left us hanging until now.

Of course, this raises many questions about Maul; where has he been hiding all these years? Who else knows he's alive? Where does Savage fit into things? How did Talzin know he was alive? Will there be a fight between Maul and Obi-Wan Kenobi, who was responsible for his near death? And how did he survive the fall down that shaft?

“There’s a lot of ground that has not been covered as far as Darth Maul is concerned, so there’s a lot of room to grow with him,” Filoni says. “It’s all balanced with, ‘Boy, we’ve gotta make this really good because this is a really big deal.’”

Darth Maul will make his appearance in spring 2012, leaving plenty of time for us to speculate on this piece of news.