Tuesday, 23 August 2011


First off, thank you to everyone who has followed my blog! For some reason, my computer insists that I'm not authorized to respond to comments, so I'm just going to say thank you here! :D

Ok, so, my main source of things to read right now is fanfiction, but I've read every single Anakin and Ahsoka friendship fic I can find. (I don't read Ahsoka romance fics, I hate those). I've also read numerous Anakin and Padme fanfics.

Do any of you have any Anakin and Ahsoka friendship fics? I would love to read them.

I have written a few Anakin and Ahsoka fics. My first one, 'After the Storm' takes place immediately after the Mortis arc of Star Wars the Clone Wars. Anakin is haunted by what happened to Ahsoka on Mortis, and resolves to keep her from harm. Meanwhile, after word of what happened on Mortis reaches Darth Sidious, he wants not Anakin, but Ahsoka. And he wants her alive. 

My second fic, 'Web of Lies', is a sequel to After the Storm, so it would probably be a good idea to read that first. ;) My fanfiction name is Inksaber :)

I know that Jedi~Chick and Bluesaber3 have already read my fics. Thank you so much, girls! *Hugs*

Thanks again to everyone who followed!



  1. :DDDDDDDD Eeeeeee I LOVE LOVE LOVE After the Storm! :) I'm reading Web of Lies now. :)

    You've already read my story! Haha! And I am actually working on another Anakin/Ahsoka FRIENDSHIP fic now. ;)

  2. Love your fanfics SWA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep it quiet for now.... but my friend and I are working on a fanfic involving Ani and Ahsoka; we'll be posting it after NSNW is over. :D

  3. I need to read After the Storm!!! I've heard lots of good things about it.