Saturday, 25 February 2012

Massacre Review

WARNING: This post will be written from a Christian point of view (I am a Massacre hater). If that upsets you in any way, move along, please.

Here's something I'd like to know after watching last night's episode- has the Clone Wars team gone insane? Perhaps they had a moment of brain-deadness that made them think that it was okay to put voodo dolls and zombies into The Clone Wars. Who knows? Just answer me this- why would the thousands of young girls (and some boys too) want to see horrifying Nightsisters brought back to life by an evil chant?

The Baptism: To make Ventress a true Nightsister, Mother Talzin 'baptized' her in the dark magic of their clan or something. Okay, good. Yippee for Ventress. But the baptism ceremony itself followed the way of baptizing Christians. The whole "reborn" thing was a total play off Christianity. Basically, they took Christian baptism and twisted it around to make it dark and evil. I have a problem with that.

The Zombies: I thought that the baptism thing was going to be as worse as it got. But no- then they took it a step further. A creepy old Nightsister began an incantation that would- put simply- awaken the dead to fight the droids that had invaded Dathomir. We saw Zombies in the Geonosian arc. They weren't that creepy. Sure, they had blank eyes and walked wierd, but they were bugs. The Zombies in Massacre were much MUCH worse. They fell out of their hanging graves with gaping mouths, eyesockets that bled green smoke, emaciated bodies and they screamed. I'll admit to having been a little frightened at that point. I'm a teenager and this episode scared me. What about the younger kids that watch this? People of all ages watch this show, something that seems to have escaped the minds of The Clone Wars team.

The Voodo Doll: Okay, so we've got creepy baptisms and horrifying Zombies. It couldn't possibly get worse- right? Wrong. Enter, voodo doll. Mother Talzin wanted to get back at Dooku for the attack on her village. So, she mixed up a potion that created a doll of Dooku. When she cast her spells at the little figure, it actually hurt Dooku himself, who was billions of miles away on Serenno. Dooku was in agony, and that wasn't even the worst part. Then Talzin actually came out of Dooku's chest. She warned him to call off the attack on Dathomir, or the pain would get worse. Then she disappeared again. The pain continued, with Talzin stabbing pins into the figure. Again, kids did not need to be watching this stuff. It didn't need to be in TCW at all.

This was the first episode in the history of The Clone Wars that I actually couldn't wait to be over. I was tempted, several times, to turn it off. The Ventress vs Grievous fight was cool and I suppose the plot was interesting enough. Sure, the animation was great and I guess there was some character building for Ventress, but honestly, I couldn't see past the dark stuff to enjoy the episode. Sure, this is probably the most negative review in the history of reviews, but I wanted to be honest. I hope we never see an episode this dark ever again. I rate this episode 1/10. 

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Latest Clone Wars news

We all knew that Maul would be returning in Season 4, but who knew that he would be insane?

Did anyone else find that extremely creepy?

 '"He’s suffered through a lot to keep himself alive," Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni tells EW. "First of all, how does he survive getting cut in half? Plus, he fell! So there was a lot of jeopardy for that poor guy. He's implemented the training of his master to keep himself alive."' (sorce-

Well, who knew that evil Sith tricks could save a guy who got cut in half and fell hundreds of feet down a reactor shaft? And why haven't the other Sith used it?

Looking forward to the Finale, all the same. Maybe then we will finally get some answers.