Saturday, 14 January 2012

A Friend In Need

Last night, the worst episode in the history of The Clone Wars aired. It was full of flirting, death, humour and even more flirting. The episode should have been called "A Traitorous Idiot In Need."

Lux Bonteri crashed a meeting between the Separatists and the Republic, then got thrown out. Ahsoka, recognizing the boy, ran after him and saved him from being killed by commando droids. When they were safely off-planet, Lux told her that he had a mission to complete and couldn't go with her to Coruscant. He then tazered her and took control of the ship, convincing Artoo that Ahsoka was just tired. (This made me EXTREMELY mad. I hadn't thought I could hate him more than I already did until he knocked out my favorite character.)

When she woke up, Lux had landed them on a snowy planet, stolen her lightsabers and left the ship. Upon following him, she discovered that he was in legue with Death Watch, the mandolorian terrorist group. Thinking quickly, she introduced herself as Lux's "betrothed". This act probably saved her life, but why couldn't she have chosen, "friend"?

When they got back to the Death Watch camp, I hadn't thought things could get much worse until Lux kissed her. And I don't mean a little kiss on the cheek. He kissed her full on the lips. Yes, it was only to silence her and keep up the act, but ugh! It was quite obvious that he wanted to in the first place. Ahsoka was sent away to work in the kitchens with some girls that they had kidnapped in a neighboring village while Lux showed Pre Visla the device they could use to track down Count Dooku.

During dinner, the chief of the tribe that they had kidnapped burst in, demanding that they free the women. Visla agreed saying that they would do so the next morining. Lux was convinced that they would keep their word, but Ahsoka wasn't so sure. She was correct. The next morning, Visla killed the chief's granddaughter and order the Death Watch to set the villagers' houses on fire. Ahsoka was forced to blow her cover and attempted to stop the Death Watch. As she didn't have a very good weapon, she was quickly defeated and dragged back to the camp.

Visla ordered her excecution, much to Lux's horror, but Artoo, who had been repairing droids, came to the rescue. He created a distraction and gave Ahsoka her lightsabers, enabling her to free herself. She dueled Visla, darksaber against two lightsabers and was able to hold her own quite well, however I'm not sure that the reverse grip is the best grip for dueling. She, Lux and Artoo escaped on a speeder, but Bo-Katan, a female Mandolorian, jumped onto the speeder. Ahsoka dueled her in hand-to-hand combat before finally pushing her off into the snow.

*shivers* Now for the worst part of the entire episode...

When they were finally on the ship and away from the Death Watch, Artoo registered that an escape pod had been activated. Ahsoka found Lux getting ready to launch away from the ship. Ahsoka asked him to stay, but he told her that he needed to go find his own destiny and all that sappy stuff. Then after looking into each other's eyes, Lux blasted off into space, hopefully never to be seen again.

(I'm skipping the interesting scenes and going straight into a rant.)

Lux needs to die. Or something. After this episode, I don't think I can stomach seeing him again. The looks that they were giving each other, the hand holding, the kiss and the sappy scene at the end... ugh. Ahsoka was acting like a lovesick teen! Is it possible for a character to be out of character even if it's in canon? Because if it is, then I'd definetly say Ahsoka was out of character. I was really disappointed in this entire episode. I'd give it a 2/10, and thats because there was one funny line ("Try not to choke on your stupidity") and Artoo was awesome. :)

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  1. My feelings exactly! If it wasn't for the romance, this would be the best episode ever. The kiss was HIGHLY unnecessary. How dare he, after turning a gun on her, tazering her, stealing her lightsabers and making her pretend to be his betrothed. Why not friend, heck, even step sister! And that part at the end was VERY sappy. I still can't believe that's the same Ahsoka. But unlike Anakin, she doesn't let her feelings get in the way of the mission...
    So this episode gets a 6/10.

  2. *hugs* THANK YOU!!!!! Let's all kill Lux together!! :D

    Ley and I started this page-

  3. haha i seem to be the odd girl out on this one I personally *dodges bullets* Loved the Lux/ahsoka episode. Ahsoka for the first time in a while if not ever actually acted her age and thats in my opinion really important yes she can kick butt and is a jedi but she is a teen too so seeing her act like one was awsome. And yes at some moments i wanted to knock sense into both of them i overall loved them as a couple and can't wait to see more of it i liked the ending too and yeah but i'm even more excited to see next week's episode looks pretty intense. good post though

  4. I dont rlly seem to get why alot of people hate Lux, but i'm sure he'd mess up Ahsoka. I wont give it a two with all the great action, but i agree that R2 was awesome.

  5. Lux is soooo annoying. I hate him. He'd better stay away from Ashoka if he value's his life....;)Good post!