Friday, 16 September 2011

Season 4 premier! (Spoiler warning!)

Water War and Gungan Attack!

After all the waiting, Season 4 has finally started! If the rest of the season is as good as the two episodes of the premier were, we are in for one heck of a season!!

Anakin and Padme were sent to Dac, home of the Mon Cala and Quarren to supervise peace talks. The Mon Cala king had been assassinated and the Quarren wanted a Quarren king, instead of the Mon Cala heir to the throne, Lee-Char. That brought tension between the two species and Anakin and Padme called for reinforcements, just in case it came to civil war. Anakin's theory was right. The Quarren attacked, despite the Prince's statement that they would not.

Soon after the battle began, the clone reinforcements arrived, along with Ahsoka and Kit Fisto. However, even with the clones on their side, the Mon Cala were vastly outnumbered. Strangely, the separatist droids retreated for a while, but they brought back a deadly enemy: huge jellyfish cyborgs whose name escapes me. ;) Jellyfish the size of a starfighter are a lot harder to fight then Aqua Droids, and the Jedi and Prince were forced to retreat.

Anakin contacted the Jedi Temple again, asking for more reinforcements. However, it would take days to assemble another underwater clone army, days they didn't have. The transmission cut out before Yoda could tell Anakin and Kit whether or not they were bringing reinforcements. Yoda began studying planets, looking for one that had a good underwater army. Obi-Wan suggested Naboo, for the army of Gungans.

The Gungans hesitated, but they agreed to send the army to Dac. Meanwhile, in the oceans of Dac, Anakin, Padme, Ackbar and the Mon Cala Senator split up with Ahsoka, Kit and the Prince. Riff Tamson was desperate to find the Prince, and he would be a lot harder to find with less people with him.

Lee-Char let his captured people know he was alive, bringing hope back into Dac. The Mon Cala would keep fighting as long as the Prince was alive.

Anakin used the Force to destroy the separatist radar station, so that if Yoda had sent reinforcements, they would be undetected by the separatist. The Gungan army arrived soon afterward. Riff Tamson was furious, and organized another assault. He used trident ships to stir up the water, making it hard to see and Gungans and Mon Cala's alike were swept into the underwater hurricane. Padme was captured by Tamson, and Kit, the Prince and Ahsoka met up with Anakin. Ahsoka and Kit protected Lee-Char from Tamson while Anakin destroyed the Trident. Kit went into hand to hand combat with Tamson after having lost his lightsaber, while Ahsoka and the Prince made their escape. 

Anakin managed to destroy the Trident, but he lost his lightsaber. Defenceless, he was forced to surrender. Tamson knocked Kit unconscious and Jar Jar and the Mon Cal senator were captured as well. Ahsoka and Lee-Char are the only ones left. I hope they will be enough to win the battle.

Interesting scenes

Panic or Helplessness? In the beginning of Water War, Anakin lost his helmet. Instead of using the Force to get it back, he floundered around in the water for about a minute before Ahsoka came to his rescue. Was that a moment of stupidity on Anakin's  part, or did the water dim his Force connection? It most likely isn't the first one, Anakin used the Force to pull down a building in Gungan Attack.

Ahsoka's growing up. Ahsoka seems to have gotten a lot wiser since we last saw her in Wookiee Hunt. She served as a protector to Lee-Char, but she also advised him in the way of war. I had to keep reminding myself that it was Ahsoka the Prince was talking to!

Everyone is oblivious! Anakin and Padme try to hide their marriage, but it seems so obvious that they are attached to one another! Several times in the episode, there were lines that made me go, "why isn't anyone questioning them?" But, I suppose everyone has better things to do in a war zone than speculate about a Senator and a Jedi.

Tamson is ruthless. That shark officially creeps me out. He shows no mercy to anyone, reminding me much of Osi Sobeck in the Citadel trilogy.

What the heck was Jar Jar doing there? Enough said. I like Jar Jar, but he doesn't belong in a war zone.

Favorite quotes:

"I had... it under control... Snips!"
"I knew you were going to say that." - Anakin and Ahsoka.

"I just hope you're a fast swimmer."
"Says the boy from the desert planet." - Anakin and Padme

"Back so soon?"
"Yeah, the ship had some problems."
"I can see that- all around me!" - Kit and Anakin.

Preview of 'Prisioners!'

Where we left off, Ahsoka and Lee-Char had gone into hiding, and Anakin, Jar Jar, Padme and Kit had been captured. Things aren't looking too good for Anakin...

What are your thoughts on Season 4 so far?



  1. Nice review!!!

    I love the preview. Kit's phrase "Eels, very dangerous" reminds me of Sallah in Indiana Jones!!

  2. Very good review!!!! :D Haha, I love all those quotes!!!! :D

    Oooohh excellent preview!!!! Things are not looking too good for them......XD How are they going to get out??!?!??!

    Great post SWA! :D

  3. Those were my favorite quotes too!"I can see that... all around me." LOL! You know, maybe it's hard to concentrate with the force when you're drowning... and he was fighting a bunch of guys at the same time. Maybe Anakin doesn't do multitasking. Sheesh, I know! Jar Jar and war... just don't go together.
    I love that preview! Did you see the look on Anakin's face?
    "Tamsin! Leave them alone!"

  4. love padme and ani. i agree so much with snips above. ani sucks at multitasking. he should take some lessons from padme'. :)

  5. Good post! That's interesting about Anakin and his helmet. I was wondering why he didn't use the Force and it was interesting to hear your commentary.

  6. Great post!!!!

    Yeah, that shark guy freaked me out!! This show really isn't for little kids anymore. It's getting very violent!!

    -Ley <3